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LEGACY hard backed book **PRE-ORDER**

LEGACY hard backed book **PRE-ORDER**

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Jez's latest book is 'LEGACY: actions, consequences, value & purpose' and is due for release early 2019.

This first edition will be published in limited edition hard-back and proceeds will  go to charity*.  

LEGACY explores the way cultures change when individuals consider living a legacy every day in stead of thinking about legacy as something that is left posthumously. Every second that passes becomes the past: those things we said and did this morning are now a part of our legacy and even short-term legacies can change how others think, feel and act.

How do the actions we take and their consequences effect our value and purpose long-term and how does considering our legacy change things for the better?

Exploring influential individuals from history and modern day and the legacies they have left and are living, Jez reveals how thinking differently about legacy and about our own value and purpose can dramatically change happiness, cultures, organisations, families and our own future.

Signed by Jez, LEGACY will be shipped as soon as it is available. You will be updated on shipping once you have pre-ordered.


*proceeds from the pre-sale of LEGACY will go to The Just 1 Project; an initiative set up by Jez to raise £500,000 for 5 wonderful charities.