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Behaviour INSIGHT
Behaviour INSIGHT
Behaviour INSIGHT
Behaviour INSIGHT
Behaviour INSIGHT
Behaviour INSIGHT

Behaviour INSIGHT

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Join me, Jez Rose, in my brand new online space: INSIGHT – a pocketful of life improvements. 

The simple way to understand and change why we behave how we do.

INSIGHT was created to make understanding and changing behaviour simple. Understand others, or yourself, better – and discover how small changes to the way we think can help create extraordinary results.

  • Simple to use, easy to understand
  • Hundreds of hours of content to explore in your own time
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

Created using more than a decade of experience and hundreds of thousands of conversations with individuals worldwide, INSIGHT has been built with help from people just like you who shared what they would find useful in a private online space.

I believe that far too many people live their lives in an ordinary way, when we are capable of achieving so much more.

I’ve put together this exclusive range of resources based on my book, Flip the Switch, to help individuals make small changes to the way they think and behave in order to help achieve extraordinary results.

You’ll get instant access to download and use, licence-free, of all the following useful resources and more besides:

  •  A copy of my book, Flip the Switch, posted direct to your door; it has some useful theory and exercises for leaders on how and why some achieve extraordinary results
  • 12 online issues of the hugely popular Behaviour Matters magazine, covering a wide range of topics and advice
  • My recommended reading list for behaviour, mindset and psychology
  • Free updates and new resources as they are added

It's a one-time payment for life-time access; simply add to your basket and as soon as your payment is complete, you'll receive your special online link and unique access code.

£1 from your purchase will be donated to our charity project, The Just 1 Project, raising £500,000 for 5 extraordinary charities, £1 at a time – so you can enjoy INSIGHT whilst knowing you were part of helping the world become a better place.