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Exclusive for 2019: Business Development Coaching Sessions

Exclusive for 2019: Business Development Coaching Sessions

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Something I've NOT Been Proud Of...

For some time now, and increasingly over the past couple of years, I've been asked by small business owners if I could help them to grow their business.

I've turned all of those down and for every single one I've felt guilty for doing so. Unfortunately, I would have had to charge more for my time than those people could afford, in order to justify taking a day out of my extremely busy schedule.

This year, I've decided to do something about it.

I've run several marketing-based workshops sharing how I've launched and grown businesses and brands over the past 15 years and I've co-run a hugely successful training programme focusing on sales and marketing with my colleague Lee Warren, especially for magicians.

“Jez is always at the top of his game. His innate ability to entertain has enabled him to develop a solid business as a much in demand corporate entertainer.” 
Marc Paul

However, very often the questions I'm asked are specifically about shaping a business as it grows up; making the day-to-day running of things smooth, efficient and simple; specifically how to grow their business; whether they should become a limited company and why; questions often focus on making running their business easier and less stressful - even enjoyable!

Every year I try to do something different; something I've not done before. Partly for my own interest and partly because that's the joyful gift we are given in life - to create; to try something different - to 'do'.

“Jez has a deep passion and understanding of magic, both theoretical and practical and his personal performances have always been delivered with real professionalism.”
Richard McDougall

What I WILL Be Proud Of...

For 2019 I am releasing just 10 dates in my calendar throughout the year; dates that will be mutually agreed between myself and those 10 business owners, for them to meet with me, one on one, here at the farm, and spend half a day with me going through their business.

We'll be working directly on your business for part of the session and you'll leave with a clear action plan and a 10 day challenge to move your promptly in the direction you need to.

These dates are for those individuals who know me and trust me. There is no sales hype, or marketing behind these dates - they are offered in response to the many emails and requests I've received, so please don't contact the office if you don't know me and need my advice justified :)

“Jez is a phenomenal performing magician - not only a wonderful performer but a font of information in the history of magic and magical effects. There are very few people who have the diversity, appreciation and magical knowledge that Jez has.”
Paul Roffman

What Will We Do?

  • Well, firstly there will be plenty of opportunity for you to ask me questions about my businesses or yours and for me to provide honest and candid answers and suggestions.
  • You will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the information I offer you and to provide assurance that information you offer me remains confidential, too.
  • We can take a look at any specific challenges you currently face, whether they be cashflow; a lack of time to do everything you need to do; growing pains, or how to grow financially.
  • I'll offer suggestions of topics you should be considering if you haven't already like VAT registration, supplier pricing, technical's business decisions and the myriad things no one teaches you when you start a business of your own. One of those would be my own ALLIANCE Model, which I've used with each of my businesses and regularly use to, among other things, assess competitors, growth potential and areas the business could grow into readily in order to increase cash flow and expand the revenue stream potentials.
  • If you're unsure what is best to focus on and how to get the most out of the session, I can help you with that at the very start to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment and time.

These business development sessions will effectively be a deep dive into your business and a peek behind the scenes of the inner workings of my businesses, to find which of the tried and tested models, strategies and applications you can apply to your own business.

As I was reminded just before I decided to offer these sessions this year, I've been extremely fortunate: I've built and sold several businesses (my goal is always to ensure the business turns over £150,000 in the first 12 months to get a good, strong start) but more importantly, I've learnt from some incredibly intelligent, successful and subsequently wealthy individuals, who I'm privileged to now call my friends. I was lucky to have that - most people haven't had that wonderful insight into what makes a business (and when you're a small business owner, it's not just your 'business', it's your livelihood and your life) successful.

These aren't designed to be sessions on marketing, however, if we identify that as a weakness then we can of course use the time to provide insight there.

These are designed for me to share the practical aspects of growing a business; running an ever-growing business and to help you make your business more profitable for an enjoyable life.

The main dates that you can book at any time of the year will be just £500 +VAT. The proceeds from these 10 I'll be donating to charity.

I always keep August free in my diary for writing but this year my new book will be finished before then, so I've also decided to release a further 10 dates at a slightly reduced rate of £375 +VAT, in August - however, those dates are set and won't be negotiable.

To be absolutely transparent: as the cost is so low, the dates are not refundable and I may need to move the dates if filming commitments or clients with first-refusal agreements on my calendar request the date we have agreed. This will always be a last resort, however, it is a possibility.

The days will be relatively intensive and run from 10am through to 1.30pm non-stop. We'll spend time either at my kitchen table or in the barn and will provide you with refreshments to keep you comfortable and well-fuelled. You can, if you wish, cuddle the dogs - Zeus makes most of my business decisions for me and I suspect he agreed to this simply at the prospect of having 20 more people to stroke him.

If you need more details, you're welcome to contact me directly using whichever method you normally use or via my PA: pa@jezrose.co.uk.